Tuesday, February 17, 2015


As much as we try to keep our identities and location somewhat cloaked, we must share this story with you even though we may give away some of that anonymity.

Our next door neighbors (not the shirt-tail relatives, but the big-city guy who doesn't know not to plow wet ground) is now state-licensed to grow pot.

Yeah. Surprised us too.

You must understand I'm a bit libertarian (little L, not party L). I don't think the government (me, since I'm one of We the People) have the right to tell someone they can't grow an herb that God created for our good (read that "good," and not "abuse"). But considering Dude's crazy dad has already admitted to trespassing on our land, it only makes me wonder who else is going to show up now and how we protect our northern and western flanks.

This guy tried to buy our northern parcel, contiguous to his, two years ago and we declined. I'm glad we did. I really want that buffer now. And tomorrow, we're planning a road trip around the area to see if we can locate the fenced zone he's required to have, and how close it is to our property line.

On a not totally unrelated
note, Dude bought me a new sign for Valentine's Day. Maybe we need to post it up north...