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Saturday, June 10, 2017

1909 NP Lind Cutoff-Ritzville Cutoff Survey Map

Courtesy of the NP Telltale.

1909 map showing how the NP wanted to get across the state via this proposed cutoff to shorten the distance cross-state traffic would have to take, via dipping down to the Pasco area then back up through Yakima.
Grading was completed from Ritzville to Bassett Jct, where it intersected with the Connell Northern branch. Track was laid from Bassett Jct to a little spot known as Schrag when the project was shelved. Sources say it was likely due to WW1 and it's effect on the NP. Further studies were completed up to the 1950s regarding completion of the project, including one that had the NP running over the Milwaukee from Lind to Ellensburg.
All you see today is that section of track from Bassett Jct to the lonely elevator at Schrag, now operated as needed by the Columbia Basing Railway.