Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wenatchee Southern Map Of Beverly Junction

As a recap, the Wenatchee Southern was to build from Wenatchee to the Tri-Cities, connecting with the Milwaukee Road across the river from Beverly. At the time, in the 1920s, the Great Northern was not supplying the cars that Wenatchee area apple growers were needing to ship their product to market. Growers felt that they could get better service by connecting with another line.

Other than a short section of grading in the Wenatchee area, this line was never built.

Map is from my collection which shows the right of way from Wenatchee to Beverly.

Friday, May 29, 2015

NP Motor Car At Coulee City

Diesel-Electric motor car B-18, running as trains 315 and 316 between Coulee City and Spokane. This photo is from around 1953, when the B-18 was assigned to the run, versus B-23, which held the run for years.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

1910s Lamona

Two story building behind the trees in the center of the image is the only thing left from this photo today, besides the tracks going through.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NP Motor Car At Wilbur

From a calendar view published by the Inland Empire Railroad Historical Society.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1905 Irby

Called "Irbydale" back then.

About the only thing still standing today is the "Hotel Irby," seen below, with a current photo to show what it look like today.

Today photos by Michael McNeley.

Monday, May 18, 2015

GN 1147 AT Mansfield

Photo by Henry Gallaher; courtesy of Mary Ellen Wax.

Mansfield was the end of the branch line. There was a wye at the end used to turn steam locomotives, instead of an expensive to build turntable. Here the 1147, typical branch line power for the Great Northern, has just been turned on the wye in 1947 for the return trip to Wenatchee. The building to the left of the steamer is the pump house, and the water tank used to sit beyond it. Of note is that this is the very steam locomotive on display in Wenatchee since May 21, 1956, just on your right after crossing  the Columbia River on SR 285 in Mission Street Park.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ritzville Branch Valuation

Courtesy of JPIII.


May, 1922
Branch Line Data, Pasco Division
Ritzville Branch, Bassett Junction to Schrag, Washington, 12.54 miles

This branch, extending from Bassett Junction to Schrag, a distance of
12.3 miles, was constructed by the Northern Pacific for account of the
Connell Northern Railway Company between August, 1909, and July, 1910,
and operated by the constructing company for the Connell Northern from
the date of completion to June 25, 1914, at which date if was
purchased by the Northern Pacific, who has continued operation.
Present length of branch 12.54 miles.

Ties. In good condition. About 44 percent are treated and 74 percent
tie plated. Renewals in 1922 6.7 percent.
Rail. About one mile of 72 pound laid in 1910. The balance of 85
percent laid in 1913. All in good condition and sufficient for the
Ballast. Earth surfaced and satisfactory for the present traffic.
Banks. In good condition except at various points where some widening
would be desirable requiring about 1,750 yards of material.
Ditches. In good condition and no work with ditcher is necessary.
Buildings. In good condition and adequate for the business.
Bridges Two pile and frame trestles; one 199 feet long, the other 194
feet long. In good condition and will not require attention for some time.


The only commodity of any importance originating on this branch is
grain, carload shipments being as follows:
1817 90
1918 95
1919 30
1920 94
1921 45

Estimated revenue accruing on traffic to and from this branch were as
follows in 1921:
Freight forwarded 12,248
Freight received 2,085
Outbound passenger and baggage 89
Milk and cream 43
Mail 769
Grand total 15,234

Estimated operating and maintenance expense during the year 1921 were
as follows:
Maintenance-of-Way and structures 10,444.29
Maintenance of equipment 3,242.12
Traffic 393.49
Transportation 6,270.74
General 742.23
Grand total 21,092.87
As our accounts do not show expenses of individual branches, the above
estimate has been made on basis of car and road mileage.

Tri-weekly mixed service between Bassett Junction and Schrag. This is
also sufficient during the period of grain shipping.

Under the present conditions, business is fully developed along this
branch, which is affected by the same conditions as those affecting
the Connell Northern Branch.

This branch is a portion of the proposed Ritzville-Ellensburg cut-off,
on which work was suspended in the fall of 1910 after track had been
laid to Schrag. Grading was finished into Ritzville. The line that has
been located between Bassett Junction and Ellensburg will shorten the
distance between Ritzville and Ellensburg about 86 miles.

None [needed].

Grain, sheep, wool.

Because of varying amount of moisture and depletion of the soils, this
district has declined in production during recent years until it is
barely profitable to farm. Can see no prospects for business
development without irrigation.
There are deposits of silica and infusorial earth in the vicinity of
Wheeler, Washington, and Bassett Junction; dolomite rock near Adrian,
Washington. Possible future development of these deposits would
increase our tonnage considerably.

Ruling grade westbound .6 percent; eastbound .3 percent.
Total degrees of curvature right 93 degrees 30 minutes; left 30
degrees 57 minutes.
Not included seven degrees 30 minutes 89 feet long at Bassett
Junction; five degrees 999 feet long at Bassett Junction.

This is a single track line from Bassett Junction on the Adrian Branch
to Schrag, Washington. The [Milwaukee Road] crosses overhead at Mile
Post 1.3 east of Bassett Junction.
This branch was constructed by the Northern Pacific for the Connell
Northern in 1909 and 1910. The grade was completed and bridges partly
constructed between Schrag and Ritzville but no track was laid.
The Northern Pacific operated this branch without formal contract
until June 25, 1914, when it was conveyed to the Northern Pacific.

Northern Pacific Railway. _Branch Line Data, Western District, 1922_.
St. Paul [Minn.]: Northern Pacific, 1922.

Dam Railroad Construction Update

From "The Reclamation Era."

January 1935

Thursday, May 14, 2015

NIWX 1617 Interior Pictures

Taken with permission.

October 12, 2012

NIWX 1617 is ex WRIX 1617; ex LCRR 1617; ex GWR(NCO) 1617; ex BN 1617; nee CBQ 261. Built 12/1953.

Last I saw, this GP7 was working on the Blackwell Northern Gateway down in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Tunnel Motor On The EWG

Photos courtesy of Dani Bolyard.

April 25, 2012

First appearance of the former UP 8702 at Cement. Built for the St. Louis Southwestern in January 1978.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BN GP28M 1526

March 1995 at Quincy. Only time I have seen one of these former GP9 rebuilds in person. Burlington Northern shipped a whole bunch of tired locomotives to be rebuilt in the 1991-92 time frame.

In checking my collection, I found I had a picture of the locomotive this was rebuilt from, just before being shipped to the company that did the work.

BN 1526 was rebuilt from the 1734. My shot is from June 15, 1992 at Pasco, where a few units were set up for shipment.