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Ralston Station Map

Courtesy of Mark Borleske and the Cascade Rail Foundation.


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That SP&S Caboose Near Sun Lakes State Park

Photos taken in January 2003.

Vintage photo below taken by the late Russ Strodtz.

It's been in private ownership since being plucked out of the Purdy scrapyard at Ephrata in the 1970s. I recall it being painted in BN colors when I was but a lad. It was painted red-ish after a remodeling project, as seen here.

Russ Strodtz had snagged a picture of it at the Purdy scrapyard at Ephrata sometime in the 1970s:

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1983 Portland Division Train Briefs

Courtesy of Lynn Francis.

April 1, 1983

Local Freight Trains-Portland Division  Revised 4-1-83

Pasco-Walla Walla-Lewiston Area------Trainmaster Distric 1
Local Train-----On Duty-Freq------Territory
61810 WWV Local 0830    DXSa-Su   W Walla-Milton Freewater & Ret A
61810 WWV Local         As Reqd.  College Place-Baker-Langdon
                                  & Ret B

61613 Pasco-Dixie Local 0900 Mo-We-Fr Pasco to Walla Walla,
Dixie & Ret.
61811 Snake River Swr. 1500 DXSu Pasco-Finley-Yellepit & Ret. A
61811 Snake River Swr. DXSu Pasco-Martindale-Burbank & Ret. B
61811 Snake River Swr. DXSu Pasco-Kennewick & Ret. C
61811 Snake River Swr. As Reqd.--Kennewick-Richland & Ret.
61817 Riparia Turn 1930 DXMo Pasco-Riparia & Ret.
61819 Pendleton Turn 0800 DXSu Pasco-Pendleton & Ret. A
61819 Pendleton Turn As Reqd. Smeltz-Athena & Ret. B

Connell-Wheeler-Cheney Area-------Trainmaster District 2
61826 Connell-Whlr Turn 1000 DXSu Connell-Wheeler & Ret. A
                         As Reqd. Bassett Jct-Schrag & Ret. B
61828 Pasco-Bruce Turn 1500 DXSu Pasco-Bruce & Ret. A
                        As Reqd. Mesa-Basin City & Ret. B
61823 Wheeler-Othello Turn 1800 DXSa Wheeler-Othello Lake &
                                     Ret. A
61421 Wheeler-Moses Lake 0700 DXSu Wheeler-Moses Lake & Ret. A
      Turn 0700 As Reqd. Wheeler-Royal City & Ret. B

Yakima-Toppenish-Grandview Area------Trainmaster District 3
61832 White Swan Local 0830 Tu-Th-Su  Yakima-Mabton & Ret. A
61832 White Swan Local As Reqd. Toppenish-White Swan & Ret. C
61835 NYV Local 0830 Mo-We-Fr Yakima-Moxee City & Ret. A
61835 NYV Local 0830 Mo-We-Fr Yakima-Naches-Tieton & Ret. B
61833 15th Sub div. Lcl 0800 As Reqd. To Pasco-Buena & Ret.

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1983 Spokane Division Train Briefs

Courtesy of Lynn Francis.

April 1, 1983

51882 Quincy Spud Loc. 0900 DXSa-Su Wenatchee-Quincy A.
51882 Quincy Spud As Reqd. Columbia River-Bon Spur & Ret. B.
51881 Quincy Spud DXSa-SU Quincy-Wenatchee C.
51881 Quincy Spud As Reqd. Columbia River -Bon Spur & Ret. D.
51898 Quincy Spud As Reqd. Quincy-Ephrata & Ret. E.
51886 Alcoa Loc. 2100 Wenatchee-Rock Island & Ret. A.
51886 Alcoa Loc. As Reqd. Rock Island-Bon Spur & Ret. B.
51888 Alcoa Loc 2nd Trip As Reqd. Wenatchee-Rock Island & Ret. C.
51888 Alcoa Loc 2nd Trip As Reqd. Rock Island-Bon Spur & Ret. D.
51690 WO Local 1700 Tu-Th-Sa Wenatchee-Oroville
51691 WO Local 1500 Mo-We-Fr Oroville-Wenatchee
51894 Mansfield Turn As Reqd. Wenatchee-Mansfield & Ret.

51671 CW Loc 1030 Mo-We-Fr Yardley-Coulee City A.
51672 CW Loc 0630 Tu-Th-Sa Coulee City-Yardley B.
51672 CW Loc As Reqd. Davenport to Eleanor Industry C.
51672 CW Loc Tu-Th-Sa Cheney-Babb & Ret. D.
51803 Babb Turn 0700 DXSu Erie St-(Spokane)-Babb & Ret. A
51803 Babb Turn Tu-Th Latah Junction-Geiger Field & Ret. B
51619 Yardley-Pullman Loc 1300 Mo-Th Yardley-Pullman A.
                               As Reqd. Mt. Hope B.
51620 Pullman-Yardley Loc 0700 We-Sa. Pullman-Yardley A.
                         As Reqd. Palouse-Grinnell-Viola- B.
                         As Reqd. Rosalia-Balder C.
51873 Pullman-Julietta Loc Tu-Fr Pullman-Genessee-Julietta
51847 WIM Local 0800 DXSa-Su Potlatch-Palouse-Boville & Ret.

51842 Coeur D'Alene 0930 DXSa-Su Post Falls-Coeur D'Alene & Ret.
51801 Athol Turn 0400 As Reqd. Yardley-Hauser-Athol & Ret.
51816 Bonner Ferry Loc 0630 DXSa-Su Sandpoint-Crossport & Ret.
51821 Newport Loc 0730 DXSa-Su Newport-Sandpoint & Ret.
51846 Green Acres Loc As Reqd. Ydly-Erie St-Post Falls 7th Sub.
51819 Sandpoint Turn 1900 DXSa Sandpoint-Yardley & Ret.
51820 Sandpoint Turn 2300 DXSa Yardley-Sandpoint

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1976 Spokane Area Train Briefs

Courtesy of Rob Leachman via Groups.io.

As promised, here is a run-down of local freight train assignments
in the Spokane area circa 1976. This completes my posts concerning
BN operations in the Spokane area. Hope this is of interest.

Spokane Area Local Freight Trains (as published Feb 1976, "last
revised 10/14/75")

Local Number    Route Description        On Duty    Frequency

474        Cheney-Scribner-Marshall-Babb    0900    Ex TuF
625        Kettle Falls – Hillyard        0700    TuF
626        Hillyard – Kettle Falls        0830    MTh
671        Yardley – Coulee City        0930    MWF
672        Coulee City – Yardley        0700    TuThSa
679        Yardley – Quincy        0800    MWF
680        Quincy – Yardley        0600    TuThSa
801        Yardley – Athol                Daily
819-820        Sandpoint – Hillyard        1900    Ex Sa
831        Kettle Falls – Hillyard        0030    Ex Su
832        Hillyard – Kettle Falls        2130    Ex Sa
834        Hillyard – Elk            0630    Ex SaSu
836        Hillyard – Chewelah        0700    We
842        Erie Street – Coeur d'Alene    0900    Ex SaSu
844        Yardley–Coeur d'Alene–Algoma    0700    Ex Su
846        Cheney-Marshall-Scribner-
            Davenport-Eleanor    1100    Tu

Notes: Trains 831-832 were essentially through road trains not doing
local work. These were long trains powered by multi-unit lash-ups of
four-axle units. Trains 671-672 also were powered by multi-unit lash-
ups of four-axle units (typically F units or mixed F units and
Geeps), although they did all the switching work at the elevators
along the CW. When the grain was moving, these also were long
trains. I believe the other locals were ordinarily powered by one or
two Geeps.

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Heavy Rains Hit North County

From the "Grant County Journal."

August 9, 1976

Note the CW main in the background.

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Ephrata Air Base Area View

From the "Grant County Journal."

July 22, 1976

My posting of the photo isn't about the fire at all, but about the railroad cars in the view. There seem to be very few photos of the scrapyard operation of the Purdy Co at Ephrata. This shows at least 2 cars slated for scrap.

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NP 317 Arrives At Inland Northwest Railroad Museum

In another timely post, I discovered this GP9 had arrived in Reardan when I drove through on 6/7/24.

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1920s Ephrata View

Courtesy of the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center.

Late 1920s view. 

At least 6 of the buildings in this view are still standing today. McGraths on the left. The brick building in the distance on the left. The masonry building on the right, and the brick one with 3 windows on the right, and both buildings behind it are still there. Unfortunately the 10,000 gallon wooden water tank of the GN is long gone.

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Difference Of Decades Warden

Courtesy of Blair Kooistra.

Blair says:

"Back in 1995, Columbia Basin Railroad had been operating a cluster of former Burlington Northern and Milwaukee Road lines in the Warden area for nine years. While business had grown from BN days, it certainly hadn't boomed yet, and traffic didn't tax the four SW1200's assigned to the line from parent Washington Central's roster.

"A lot has changed in 25 years, and with it, a boom in the agriculture business in the area. Now the nightly drag to the BNSF interchange in Connell and two nightly switch jobs require a stable of at least five SD9's and a single GP9. Facilities have expanded as well with a new maintenance shop for track machinery under construction as well as a clean locomotive fueling and inspection facility. The old steel yard office from Northern Pacific days is still there, and is one of the few constants in these two views."