Saturday, June 29, 2024

1995 WCRC At Warden View

Photo courtesy of Blair Kooistra. 

Blair says:

"Wayback Wednesday."

"I'm glad I stopped for a photo of the four SW1200's tied up on the Washington Central Railroad at Warden, Washington, on August 26, 1995.

"I'm guessing I was headed back from a two-day trip from Seattle to the BN Lakeside subdivision with Brian Rutherford to photograph CSX AC4400's operating on a test train. I can't recall if Brian and I had split up for our return trips by this point or not; if he was still with me, I'm guessing he spent his time photographing the NP and GN freight cars in a junkyard nearby.

"In 1996, Washington Central spun off the lines north of Connell into their present day Columbia Basin Railroad subsidiary; there wasn't a lot of traffic on this branch in 1995, but that soon changed. WCRC had four SW1200s (ex-MoPac), and here they are MU'ed and tied down near the Warden station. MU'ed SW1200's certainly would have been just as worthy to photograph as more BN green SD40-2s, so maybe we should have spent more time HERE? Today, lots of traffic, and SD9s and GP9s have replaced the switchers."

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