Sunday, January 30, 2022

Mosey Local Switching Lists

Courtesy of Allen Miller.

My last bit of paper dump. Switching Lists from the Mosey Local. Not sure who the conductor was that fancied himself an artist too, but this apparently was his way of laying out the work for the night.               Some of the abbreviations and terms used; Ampot was American Potato, Skone was Skone & Connors and S.S. was Sunspiced Inc. all potato shippers, either fresh or frozen. A.B. is Air Base, as in Larsen Air Force Base. Apparently there were two "Basins" Basin Produce, another potato shipper and also a Basin Propane. Don't know who Rogers was. The third one was awfully light, I darkened it up the best I could. I recognize some of the crew names written on the locomotive drawings. Pope was an engineer, mostly famous for being on the Beverly Helper. Hase was brakeman Dick Haase, formerly Cle Elum substation operator who went into train service when the electrification was shut down.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

1975 Milwaukee "Night Letter"

Courtesy of Allen Miller.

Allen says:
"Here are some line-ups of a different kind. Kind of like a Chief Dispatcher's "Night Letter" these are instructions for calling and making up trains out of Othello by Trainmaster Gerry McCole (G.A.M.)."

"This is page 1 of 2 pages dated 8-15-1975. I haven't figured out what "RC" means. "M/U" means Make-Up or Made-Up. "OIH" means Old Ice House" referring to a track."

"Page 2 of 8-15-1975."

"Page 1 of 2 dated 8-28-1975."

"Page 2 of 8-28-1975."

"This is a one page list of things for the Mosey Local to do on a given night. "MBW" is Marve Williamson, agent at Moses Lake."

I asked Allen about the coal at Warden to be moved to Seiler:
"The coal went to the U&I Sugar Plant at Scalley. It was probably just being stored at Seiler."

Friday, January 21, 2022