Monday, January 10, 2022

Car Fire Near Smyrna

Courtesy of Dave Morgan.

"Here are a few photos of a car of ties that caught on fire. The train stopped on the west end of the Smyrna siding, in the photos they look like they are just west of the culvert. Photos taken by Alyene Morgan, wife of the section foreman, also my mom. I don't remember this, but must have been about 1960.

 This photo is taken from directly between the section house and the track. To the right is the switch for the Smyrna house track.

"They must have pulled this car a ways to get ti to the side track. Maybe they radioed for help from the fire district in Royal City. If so, that is just 7 miles away. They could have gotten there almost at the same time, considering the train crew had to first drop the rest of the train, then open the switch to the siding to get there."

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