Saturday, January 29, 2022

1975 Milwaukee "Night Letter"

Courtesy of Allen Miller.

Allen says:
"Here are some line-ups of a different kind. Kind of like a Chief Dispatcher's "Night Letter" these are instructions for calling and making up trains out of Othello by Trainmaster Gerry McCole (G.A.M.)."

"This is page 1 of 2 pages dated 8-15-1975. I haven't figured out what "RC" means. "M/U" means Make-Up or Made-Up. "OIH" means Old Ice House" referring to a track."

"Page 2 of 8-15-1975."

"Page 1 of 2 dated 8-28-1975."

"Page 2 of 8-28-1975."

"This is a one page list of things for the Mosey Local to do on a given night. "MBW" is Marve Williamson, agent at Moses Lake."

I asked Allen about the coal at Warden to be moved to Seiler:
"The coal went to the U&I Sugar Plant at Scalley. It was probably just being stored at Seiler."

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