Friday, January 18, 2019

VIP's At Railroad Golden Spike

Part of the official party at the opening of the U.S. Construction Railroad celebration on July 29, 1935. L-R: Governor Clarence Martin, locomotive engineer; Mr. Francis Donaldson, Chief Engineer, M.W.A.K Company; Mr. J.I. Dinman, President Spokane Chamber of Commerce; Mr. James O' Sullivan, Columbia Basin Commission; Mr. E.F. Blaine "Father of Irrigation;" Guy F. Atkinson, Vice President, M.W.A.K. Company; Ben H. Kizer, Chairman, State Planning Commission; William Clapp, Attorney, Ephrata; E.L. Kier, Vice President, M.W.A.K. Company; Harvey Slocum, General Superintendent, M.W.A.K. Company.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Grand Coulee Dam Railroad Bridge

Bridge was constructed within a mile downstream of the dam. Here is a view of the first days of construction:

The completed bridge in 1942.
The structure now stands completed except for the railroad tracks. The contractor built this bridge at his own expense intending to bring equipment and material directly to the shop area on the east side, but movement of the far (east) bank rendered the east piers and approach unsafe for railroad loads.

By the spring of 1943 the floor of the structure had become unsafe for further use, and being no longer necessary for trucking operations, the U.S.B.R. began to dismantle it. During the fall of 1946 the U.S.B.R. removed the center pier, leaving the other two for anchors in barge operations.

Monday, January 14, 2019

1936 Cement Unloading And Blending Plant

About 48,000 car loads of bulk cement, made from almost 3 million tons of limestone, were stored in these 5,200 barrel silos, and then blended in the two at the right. By noting the deflection of the bottom of these tanks, on a calibrated scale, it was possible to determine a very close approximation of the quantity of material stored in each. The 400 barrels of per hour cement pump which operated on the 11 inch pipe line to the East and West mixing plants was brought here from Boulder Dam. Later a supplemental 9 inch line was installed to the West Mix, and an additional pump with a capacity of 600 barrels per hour was installed in the pumping shed.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

1946 Connelly Construction Camp-Bacon Siphon Tunnel

T. E. Connelly construction camp at outlet portal of 10,000 foot Bacon Tunnel. Main Canal will follow natural channel in distance.

The NP siding is up on the bluff to the left.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

1940s Ephrata View

The building with the Ephrata on it is now where Rite Aid stands. There was a railroad spur to this fuel dealer back in the day.

The area where military housing stands is where the middle school currently is.

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Crater Differnce Of Decades

1940 view courtesy of the GNRHS. Shows the extent of the support structures and track relayed on the original alignment while the tunnel was lined with concrete.

2008 view is mine. Taken without knowing I had found the near same vantage point of the 1940 view.