Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wenatchee Southern Map Of Beverly Junction

As a recap, the Wenatchee Southern was to build from Wenatchee to the Tri-Cities, connecting with the Milwaukee Road across the river from Beverly. At the time, in the 1920s, the Great Northern was not supplying the cars that Wenatchee area apple growers were needing to ship their product to market. Growers felt that they could get better service by connecting with another line.

Other than a short section of grading in the Wenatchee area, this line was never built.

Map is from my collection which shows the right of way from Wenatchee to Beverly.

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Jean Humphreys said...

Love your blogs, especially on the Molson Great Northern line and stuff on the Milwaukee road. The photos are great! Have cycled on some of the abandoned Great Northern Line like the present Ferry County rail trail, plus sections near Myncaster in BC. Keep up the great work. Jean Humphreys