Friday, February 20, 2009

The Northern Pacific Train Wreck at Rock Island, WA

From the "Everett Morning News," Everett, WA

Friday January 26, 1906


The Northern Pacific train eastbound which passed through Everett
Wednesday night at 10.45 over the Great Northern Railroad, was wrecked
yesterday morning at 8 o'clock near Rock Island, a short distance east of
Wenatchee. The train struck a mud slide and several cars were derailed.
The express car went over the bank in to the Columbia River, and the
express messenger, L.M. Murray of Seattle is missing and supposed to
have drowned in the car. Ten passengers were injured, none seriously.

The wreck was cleared away and the road opened again at 4 O'clock
yesterday afternoon. Great Northern westbound trains and also Northern
Pacific trains which were running over the Great Northern tracks between
Seattle and Spokane which were delayed by the wreck, arrived here late
last night. The eastbound train went out last night on time.

Northern Pacific trains ran over the Great Northern road between Seattle
and Spokane Wednesday and yesterday because of several washouts on the NP
line between Pasco and Ritzville. Portions of the tracks and approaches
to bridges have been washed out for a long distance and it is reported
that it will take three or four days to repair the damage.

NP is also running trains over the OR&N between Spokane and Pasco.

The Great Northern has had considerable trouble with mud and snowslides
during the past week and had begun to get its trains some where near the
scheduled time when this last mishap occurred.

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