Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1981 Big Bend Railroad Map

While researching for the latest Centennial story I am working on (for 1979-1989) I came across this map.

Differences from today is there is no line between Adrian and Wheeler, the branch to Mansfield is gone, and the line from Mesa to Sagehill is gone. There are many other changes as well. Can you pick them out?

Map courtesy WADOT.

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SDP45 said...

Interesting to note that the line from Douglas to Waterville is marked as intact and lettered "CWGG." Central Washington Grain Growers purchased the Waterville Railroad in 1974, even thought the tracks were pulled up not long after the flash floods which washed out much of the line in 1948.

Thanks to Dean Ogle for pointing out this tidbit.

Next question is when did the CWGG finally dissolve the Waterville Railroad corporation?