Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Northern Pacific Ownership Near Taunton

From the "Standard Atlas of Adams County."


Of note is the railroad being the Chicago Milwaukee & Puget Sound, but land ownership by the Northern Pacific dated back to the checkerboard land grant which gave the NP alternating sections of land for 40 miles in each direction of its line.


Anonymous said...

More great Milwaukee maps! Thanks for sharing these, I've been trying to track down a map for Othello for quite some time. It's interesting to compare this with what's left on the ground today. The remnants are obvious, but what is gone is quite amazing.


SDP45 said...

I have the whole atlas, which shows many more views such as this. Perhaps I should load up a few more for you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, I'm in favor of whatever you'd like to share -- and thanks!