Thursday, August 26, 2010

1949 Rock Island

View is of Keokuk Metals, which is now long shut down after a series of owners and the removal of a few of the buildings. Note the highway goes straight  through what is now the middle of town, and the current highway 28 alignment does not exist, even as a dirt road. Names in the odd shaped squares are the owners of that land.

Photo courtesy Douglas County.


Anonymous said...

That looks like SR28 to the right of the shed (circled) but to the east, it looks a lot like 3rd Street. The old right of way east of what is now Parkway Dr. past BJ's is now the access road to the DOT yard where the R.I. sewer plant is going to go.


SDP45 said...

That does explain how it looks today. Thanks for the insight.


Anonymous said...

The building to the right of the circled one (the old packing shed) appears to be the old Rock Island station. As a point of reference, it's sitting on what is now the E-Z Auto Wrecking salvage yard.