Thursday, August 25, 2011

Difference Of Decades Davenport

The first photo is from 1943. Photographer unknown.

This photo is from 2010, and is courtesy of Bruce Butler.

Bruce confirmed the first photo as Davenport, and had the following to say about the old photo:
"Definately Davenport. Notice the milepost marker "42" in the center of the picture. This is at the west edge of town, looking east. The 12th street grade crossing (flashers now) is a couple hundred feet behind the milepost. The siding shown is not there now, but the tall elevator still is. Notice the section foreman's house and water tank on the south side of the tracks! I believe the squatty little building that shows behind the right crossing crossbuck is the motorcar shed. I cannot spot the depot in this picture.

"In my NP days on the CW I never went into Davenport. The Agent there had a reputation as a grouch and us kids didn't want to get on his radar.

If you don't mind, I would like to send this pix on to the EWG (Eastern Washington Gateway, current operator of this line) guys. It is a great shot. Attached is a recent picture from approximately the same spot."

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