Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Last Train At Douglas

March 2, 1985

Anita Sprauer photos. Courtesy of Harold Badten. 

Darrin Nelson, over at his fine blog "Great Northern Railway Mansfield Branch Line (1909-1985) and the Waterville Railway Co. (1910-1954),"  has the folks in the first photo identified as such:
"Some of these people were on the Douglas County Historical Society at the time.  L to R:  Forrest Barnes (1912-2002), Alice Jacobsen (1925-2013), Roxanne Viebrock (1912-2004), person unknown, Edna Slusser-George (1907-2003), Glorian Eggers (1925-2008) and Nadra Betcher.  "

Darrin says: "The two men on the left and center are unknown and the man on the right is Oliver Ruud (1899-1994)."

Darrin says:"Scotty Watson (Central Washington Grain Growers' Manager at the time), Alice Jacobsen (local farmer) and Edna Slusser George (local historian)."

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