Monday, July 31, 2017

1949 Coulee City Area

See what it looks like today.

Full view of the Coulee City area. The dam was in place, but what we know as Banks Lake hasn't been filled yet.

The wye at Odair was in place, as were tracks going up to Grand Coulee Dam. Also note the track that goes along towards the right of the crop, and connects with the south leg of the wye, is still in place at this time. This small section was abandoned in 1953.  The US Construction Railroad yard at Odair is still populated with cars, and there is track up to the maintenance building, though I didn't include that in the cropped image. That building still stands today.

This crop of Coulee City shows lots of things that are gone now, like the coaling dock, roundhouse, and turntable, along with the related small buildings. The depot is in it's original position. The Centennial Mills crib elevator and flathouse, along the south side of the tracks west of the depot, are still there today, along with an additional crib elevator and storage bins. Of course the depot is still in town, having been shifted slightly south and east of the position seen here, and two large concrete grain silos built on the site.

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