Sunday, April 27, 2008

Journal Entries From The Towns on the CW

Edited by Honor Wilhelm.

Vol 4 November, 1902

Passing out of Lincoln county at this place we arrive at Hartline, where the first settler located in 1883. He was Horace Arnes. D. E. Reeves opened the first store in 1889 and secured the establishment of a post office here in that year. The town was laid out by John Hartline who located here in 1888.

Coulee City is located at the terminus of the Washington Central. The townsite was homesteaded by Mrs. Haynes in 1888. She sold out to G. K. Reed and N. Galusha, who laid out the town. Levi Salmon located near by in 1887. The post office was first secured at McEntee, one mile away, where the first postmaster was G.R. Roberts, who moved it to Coulee City and renamed it in 1889. The town was located here because it was the only place where the Grand Coulee could be crossed. James Odgers established the first newspaper at this place in 1889, "The Coulee City News." "The Coulee City Review" was established last spring, of which F. C. Gibson is the editor. D. R. Evans is the pioneer hotel keeper. The stage to Waterville and Brewster is taken at this place. The principal industry is stockraising, including horses, cattle and sheep. There are some wheat and fruit farms in the adjacent country. When the railroad is completed through to Adrian, where connections will be made with the Great Northern railway for Seattle, this place is destined to become an important trade and commercial point.

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