Monday, June 30, 2008

Driving The Golden Spike at Grand Coulee Center

From the "Spokane Chronicle."

December, 8, 1934

History in the making is pictured here. At Grand Coulee Center, on Saturday, a large crane, barely showing in the background, dropped the final rail of the Grand Coulee railroad into place and a half dozen rather gentle taps with a hammer drove the golden spike into place. Had Governor Clarence Martin, United Stated Senator C. C. Dill, Contractor David Ryan, Cheney Cowles of the Spokane Chronicle, or others who handled the maul, struck a full blow on the golden head, the “driving” ceremony would have been complete, but they all did their hit and the spike went home with a thud into the solid body of the brand new tie. Mr. Cowles is pictured as he swung his blow. Members of the royal court are about him. At the left in the picture, in the legionnaire cap is Al Meyers, who just a short time ago promoted the democratic victory banquet in Spokane.

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