Thursday, October 1, 2009

Treasure at Downs?

From "Treasure Hunters Guide to Washington #2"

Published 1973

"(A) story of this area was a former deputy sheriff of Chelan County. About 15 miles southwest of Harrington is a siding called Downs, on the (Great Northern) Railroad. Near this end of a double track at one time there was quite a large community. It was a complete little town, and had most trading establishments including a bank. A lone robber rode up on horseback one day and took away the total assets, mostly gold. He rode away to the southwest across the scabland, following a natural slope. Just upstream from Trinidad was a posse which had preceded the robber and tried to nab him. He escaped by jumping into the Columbia River. This was a bad try, the robber escaped, was drowned. The sheriff and posse looked for the loot; they went over the body and searched saddle bags, but found none. They tried to backtrack his trail from Downs, but the scabland, made up of sage brush and rock outcroppings, had hundreds of places for a cache. They found nothing. The loot is still missing."


Robert in Port Townsend said...

Great story! Wonder how many guys are now planning a vacation to that area (like the Neahkahnie Mountain treasure chest story)

SDP45 said...

For all I know, its in my backyard! My house falls in between those points. Lets go look for treasure here, then at Neahkahnie Mountain!