Monday, September 24, 2012

Marcellus Depot

Photo by Wade Stevenson. Courtesy of Allen Miller.


LinesWest said...

Wow - Dan, what a rare photo this is. Any thoughts on the approximate date before I try and decipher the depot paint job and get a time frame that way?

I guess anything from the Marcellus branch is rare, this is certainly up there. Thanks for sharing it, it's one of my favorite MILW lines.


SDP45 said...

No date was given. Please post your best guess.


Unknown said...

Hi, I live at Marcellus Wa. and have since Oct. of 1948 less the years of 1966 through Aug. of 1976. I have a few pictures of early Marcellus. Would like to find a panoramic view of the town before it's decline but have never had any luck. Thanks, Jerry

SDP45 said...

Seems that photos of the area are rather scarce. I'll keep an eye out for a panorama of the place.