Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beverly Bulletin Board

Courtesy of Allen Miller.

Front and back of the helper crew's bulletin board from the Beverly depot.

Allen says, "This is one of the items in my collection that I can date pretty accurately. The "c/o Supt. Moll" is referring to Alexander Henry Moll, who was superintendent of the Columbia Division at Malden from November 1, 1909 until December, 1910. He later ended up as a chief dispatcher on the Frisco. His father was Justus B. Moll, General Roadmaster of the C.M.& St.P. in Chicago."


MB Line said...

That is a neat piece of railroad histroy! Is it yours? I just love the old style writing on objects like that.


SDP45 said...

Its in the possession of Allen Miller.


LinesWest said...

Agreed - very nice piece of history there.