Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo--Garden Area

The place has a large garden area convenient to the house. For many years a bounty of produce was grown to sustain the family.

In this view of tomatoes, you can see the orchard beyond them, with trees that are now very tall. In the background you can see the basalt wall containing the cave where the Homesteader first set up his abode.

The garden is now a heavy duty matted area of grasses, as it hasn't been used in years. It may take a tractor and disk to get the ground ready for plants again. The orchard beyond has been the domain of deer and coyotes, with the trees hanging on without any care or watering. All the trees need serious pruning, and there is an outbreak of poison oak in one section. The well out in the orchard was damaged on purpose years ago, so we are unsure if it can be put back into use.