Saturday, July 13, 2013

Doles Spur

Doles Spur is between Mitchell Spur (K142) and Gloyd (K149). It was
constructed as a gravel pit spur during construction of the Connell Northern Railway
Company. It was later named Nagel Spur. Nagel was established as a station
in October 1, 1911 and was named after a man who was land agent for the Grant
Realty Company of Milwaukee. He owned lands in the vicinity of Moses Lake
near here. A Fred Nagel took up a homestead near here about the year 1906
but evidently later moved to Twin Falls, Idaho. Along the line of time, the
name was changed to Banks and then back to Nagel. The reason for Dole and Banks
is probably the same, after someone who had influence. The town, under any
name, never grew large enough for a post office. Grant County, Washington
(Section 18, Township 20 North, Range 28 East)
Station K145, from Connell, MP 45.6 originally, then from Cheney, MP 139.9
to 141.2 (depending on the year)

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