Saturday, November 5, 2016

Last Crew On US Construction Railroad

 Photograph by the Bureau of Reclamation; courtesy of the Grant County Historical Museum.

Veteran crewman work on the Government Railroad which “delivered” Grand Coulee Dam, and which the Bureau of Reclamation announced on August 4, 1950 will be removed under bids to be opened  August 31, 1950. Floyd Craig, left, conductor, had been with the road since the first spike was driven in 1934. Engineer Haskell Finch joined up about the time the hauling started. Fred A. Warren, center, has been superintendent all but two years since the Government took charge of running the road from the Consolidated Builders, Inc.,  after the dam was completed. The Bureau would continue to operate the switchyards at Odair after the track removal.  The “IDBR” on the locomotives stands for “Interior Department Bureau of Reclamation.” 

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