Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stratford AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1898 Extend passing track
1899 Install industry track
1901 Construct private crossing
1903 Install mail crane
1910 Construct private crossing
1912 Construct private crossing
1914 Install steel bridge No. 339
1914 Construct private crossing
1916 Extend passing track
1917 Install steel bridge No. 343
1919 Construct private crossing
1919 Fill bridge No. 340
1919 Construct bridge No. 340
1920 Renew bridge No. 340
1922 Extend Stratford Orchards spur
1922 Extend Wen Big 4 spur
1923 Install private crossing
1926 Extend industry track
1927 Extend Stratford Orchard spur
1928 Raise bridge No. 339
1929 Move public crossing
1929 Relay turnouts in industry track
1931 Extend passing track
1935 Construct Stratford Orchards spur
1938 Replace ties on bridge No. 339 and 342
1938 Construct highway underpass
1940 Remove overhead wagon bridge
1942 Remove Stratford Orchards spur
1946 Remove spur
1951 Install motor car indicators at curve No. 441
1951 Extend industry track
1954 Easement for fish project

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