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Wilson Creek AFE's

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1898 Install gas powered pumping plant
1899 Dig irrigation ditch
1899 Install turntable
1899 Install ROW fence
1900 Construct stockyard
1900 Install ROW fence
1901 Make additions to stockyards
1901 Install ROW fence
1901 Ad lining to coal facilities
1901 Install sand box
1902 Install gasoline engine
1902 Move blacksmith shop from Delta
1902 Install crossing at bridge No. 337
1902 Rebuild coal chute
1902 Install ROW fence
1902 Relocate pump house
1902 Build water tank
1902 Construct public crossing
1902 Construct platforms and install well at tool house
1902 Construct bridge
1902 Move oil house
1902 Dig well
1903 Construct private crossing
1903 Install public crossing
1903 Construct platforms
1903 Install ROW fence
1903 Place rip rap on bridge No. 336
1904 Install ROW fence
1904 Install public crossing
1904 Remove engine pit
1904 Remodel station
1904 Remove platforms
1905 Install ROW fence
1906 Install private crossing
1906 Construct 16 x 24 water tank
1907 Construct section house
1907 Shop and engine facilities
1908 Install ROW fence
1908 Construct wye track
1909 Construct 16 x 24 water tank
1909 Construct public crossing
1909 Relocate stockyards and construct spur track 770 feet long
1909 Relocate depot, construct addition
1909 Extend yard track
1910 Change stub switch to split switch on coal track
1910 Change three switches east end of yard
1911 Install private crossing
1911 Move toilet 15 feet west
1911 Install fuel oil pump for oil burning locomotives
1912 Construct extension to stockyard spur
1912 Install oil pump
1913 Construct stockyard spur
1913 Install electric lights at fuel oil station
1913 Reinforce wye with guard rail, rail braces and spread rods to strengthen for operation of N-1 locomotives
1913 Construct sanitary toilets and bubbling fountains at depot
1914 Install toilets and fountains
1914 Install meter on water main to depot
1915 Remove semaphore
1915 Place tie plates on bridges No. 331.2 and 331.3
1916 Remove coal chute and incline
1916 Install fuel oil plant
1916 Place sump under fuel oil trestle
1916 Install telephone line
1916 Place steel in bridge No. 338
1916 Install water supply in stockyard
1917 Place light for lunch room
1917 Place flume under track near town
1917 Place pipe to water tank
1918 Remove track to oil spur
1918 Move telephone
1919 Install clock in dispatcher’s office
1919 Place ice box in eating house
1919 Place ice box from Marcus
1919 Place safe
1919 Construct sand house
1919 Rebuild bridge Nos. 337, 337a, 337b
1919 Replace worn out Wolhaupter joints with new 85# angle bars and tie plates between WC and Quincy
1920 Place angle bars and tie plates WC to Quincy
1920 Construct new 250 ton balanced bucket type coal chute
1920 Purchase drills
1920 Construct telephone booth at wye
1920 Install rail anchors WC westerly 5 miles
1920 Move private crossing
1920 Place car bodies
1920 Relay 68# wye track rail with 85# and 90# rail, not including portion of passing track
1921 Yard tracks
1921 Move safe to Hillyard
1922 Relay rail anchors
1922 Place lights in depot
1922 Place carbodies
1923 Move carbodies to Leavenworth
1923 Relay a section with 90# and 100# rail
1923 Relay west lead with 85# rail
1923 Place mail crane from Heybrook
1923 Construct Standard Oil Spur
1924 Remove scale from stockyard at Wenatchee and move to WC
1924 Remove tools from roundhouse and rip
1924 Install culverts
1924 Transfer table from Bowdoin Hotel
1924 Remove RIP tracks
1924 Remove spur and facilities
1924 Move stockyards
1924 Relocate kitchen range to Wenatchee for lunch room
1924 Transfer show case, counter and 20 stools from WC for use in news and fruit stand in Wenatchee
1925 Remove yard tracks
1925 Remove stockyard spur
1925 Retire lunchroom building
1925 Move cinder conveyor to Troy
1925 Move private crossing
1925 Place 55 gallon drum with faucet, hasp and rack
1926 Remove telephone line to oil house
1926 Move coal chute to Fosston
1926 Relay 600 feet of east end of passing track with secondhand 90# rail
1927 Construct fence around depot park
1928 Relay passing track
1928 Line change
1930 Place steel in bridge Nos. 336.1 and 337
1930 Remove crossover at west end of yard
1932 Remove coal chute and engine house
1933 Move carbody to Appleyard for signal maintainer
1933 Install ROW fence
1935 Install culvert at MP 1577.17
1936 Sale of building along track
1937 Removal of 446 feet of track 4
1937 Fill bridge No. 337.1
1937 Change bridge No. 336 to culvert
1937 Place steel in highway bridge
1938 Place steel in highway bridge
1939 Replace pump
1939 Install ROW fence
1939 Remove platforms
1940 Well, pump, and tank
1941 Alter depot and platform
1942 Shorten and remove tracks
1942 Renew bridges Fort Wright to WC
1943 Retire display case
1943 Retire platform
1944 Retire abandoned grading
1944 Replace pump
1945 Install tie plates WC to Adrian
1945 Install color light train order signal
1945 Move building from Harrington
1947 Alter stockyards
1949 Install electric meter
1950 Purchase motor car for signal maintainer
1951 Install Griswold signals
1951 Place metal tool shed
1953 Remove private crossing
1953 Remove oil facilities
1956 Change and remove yard tracks
1959 Retire various buildings
1959 Remove parts of wye
1959 Remove excess tracks
1962 Sell signal maintainer house, etc
1962 Remove stockyard
1968 Signal maintenance house
1969 Prepare grade for side track

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