Sunday, February 19, 2023

BN F Units At Coulee City

Courtesy of Blair Kooistra.

Blair says:
"There's a rumor afloat that BNSF is buying/has bought an A-B pair of F-units recently jettisoned by Norfolk Southern, used to power their executive train. Whether this is true or not, the hand-wringing among fans has begun: what color will they be painted? Will they keep those funny ditch lights? what about the horn?

"Having recalled Burlington Northern's foray into a similar small fleet of Covered Wagons in the 1990s (remember BN-1 and -2?), it's deja vu all over again. BN rebuilt a pair of old freight locomotives and painted them in the "Grinstein Green" and cream livery, which was almost universally disliked by the railfan community. 

"Then they got rid of them. Frankly, i'd be happy with F-units on BNSF's officer trains over the alternative, no matter the paint scheme.

"But I'd still prefer Cascade Green--which brings me to this photo, of the last active BN (non BN-1 or -2, that is) F-units I photographed. November 7, 1981, with four F9As leaving Coulee City, WA back to Spokane behind a GP9. As I recalled, we pooled our loose cash to offer the crew as a bribe to turn the power to have an F-unit lead, but they weren't too interested in our offer!"

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