Sunday, June 14, 2020

Milwaukee 265 At Othello

Courtesy of Dave Morgan.

Dave says:

"GP38-2, here sitting in front of the round house in Othello. I just converted this from an old color negative, a learning experience on how to do it. Date unknown. MILW 365."

Ron Brandt added: The fuel tender to the left was filled with #2 diesel fuel. It came full from Tacoma and unloaded into the two tall storage tanks.
Ryan Reed added:  I'd expect this to be taken in late '74 or '75. During that short time, the three "new" GP38-2's out here (361, 362, 365) were spread out. One assigned to Tacoma area, one to Othello, and one to St. Maries. By 1976, all three were assigned to the Elk River Branch out of St. Maries, only coming back to Tacoma for maintenance.

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