Saturday, June 20, 2020

Milwaukee Sugar Beet Hopper At Othello

Courtesy of Dave Morgan.

Dave says:

"I took several slides in Othello at the same time as the depot picture I just posted. Here is one, lettered for sugar beets, but with mechanical issues. Looks like it has been around the block too many times."


ramp said...

Apparently, that is the track where the MILW junks cars. The left wheel set is off the track. The MILW mainline between Tacoma and Seattle had a whole lot of junk cars set out in the sidings in Auburn back in the mid-sixties.

But, I also saw a long drag freight, pulled solely by Boxcab electrics, whine through Auburn at night. Great memories.

SDP45 said...

That is a great memory! Wish I could have seen the boxcabs.