Monday, July 4, 2022

GN Clears Line Near Trinidad

From the "Spokesman Review."

November 9, 1963


Phil Krogh said...

I was trying to find out what may have happened to Wayne Dawson after this accident when I found something that makes me think he was very unlucky:

SEATTLE (UPI)-Wayne Dawson, 44, a city jail trusty was reported in serious condition today after being wounded Sunday by a .303 caliber bullet on the police rifle range. Sgt. Gordon D. Grosvenor said Dawson was hit when a bullet apparently ricocheted off a large nail when it hit the frame of a target. "It was one of those freak accidents," Grosvenor said.” ….Dawson was serving a 40-day sentence after being convicted on a charge of drunkenness. (Bellingham Herald 16 Nov 1965)

SDP45 said...

That's an amazing find. Too bad for him!