Sunday, December 24, 2023

Four State Area Battered By Winds

Thanks to William Russ for digging this up. 

This was the incident that caused the Milwaukee to put up the high wind indicators.

Allen Miller adds:
"I was working day shift at Tacoma Jct. the morning that this happened, in fact the wrecker was heading east past the shanty as I was getting out of my car after arriving. Train 203H-19 had crossed the Beverly bridge about an hour before the ill-fated 200S-21 and had lost a couple of trailers and didn't even know it. When it came by the shanty about 11 am I noticed the cowling was missing on one of its slave units. When they started switching the train in Tide Flats yard they found the empty flat car and I heard them verifying the van numbers over the block phone, which had been cut in to the wreck site."