Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BN 6680 At Ephrata

Photo courtesy of Brian Ambrose.

Brian says:

"Westbound BN train 195 passing through Ephrata, WA on 5-4-85 with units 6680/4002/6328/8097 (SD45/B30-7A/SD40-2/SD40-2)."



NP Fan said...

BN 4002 is an interesting locomotive, one of 54 cabless B30-7A's locomotives built for BN in 82. Evidently ended up in Brazil.

John, Ephrata

Kurt Moose said...

Sure miss the Cascade Green era, always looked cleaner than units nowadays.

SDP45 said...

I'm surprised any of these locomotives could still be around. I do miss the green.