Thursday, July 4, 2024

My Holy Grail? The Original Trestle At Trinidad

Thanks to Thomas Ogle and Dean Ogle for finding this and sharing. I've ordered a higher resolution copy to see the details of the background better.

Photo is part of the Special Collections archive at the University of Washington.

Note on the photo: Harry H. Dean (November 11, 1868- December 7, 1946) was born in Iowa and was hired by the Great Northern Railway in 1885 to work in the construction of the railway through the Cascades. He later worked as an engineer on the route and continued to work for the railroad until he retired in 1939.


NP Fan said...

Wow!! Finally get to see it!! It is a beautiful sight indeed! Even better than I've imagined standing at the edge of the coulee wall!!
John, Ephrata

Kurt Moose said...

Awesome find for sure!!

Great to finally have a pic to what we've been imagining all these years!

SDP45 said...

I was hoping for a few comments on this post!


Kurt Moose said...

Anybody who's ever stood there and daydreamed of what it looked like, here ya' go!

SDP45 said...

Like me!