Monday, March 3, 2008

Construction record of the CW

The Central Washington branch of the Northern Pacific was not built all at once. The Connell Northern section was added a few years later completing a wide loop between the NP mainline stations of Cheney and Connell.

1888 construction started. Cheney to 3 miles west of Deep Creek. Line opened in 1889.

1889 construction started. 3 miles west of Deep Creek to Almira. Line opened June 14, 1890. Service to Davenport started July 1, 1889.

1890 construction started. Almira to Coulee City. Line opened November 1, 1890.

1903 construction started. Odair to Adrian. Line opened December 1, 1903.

1910 construction started. Adco to Connell. Line opened November 1, 1910.

1910 construction started. Bassett Jct to Schrag. Line opened November 1, 1910

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