Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Krupp Depot Anecdote

The following story was found in the September 1908 edition of “The Coast” magazine.

It is reported that the present depot at Krupp was mistaken the other day for a chicken house. This is the way the story goes:

A prominent farmer in the vicinity of Krupp, expecting a chicken coop to arrive, sent one of his hands, a newcomer, to fetch it.

On arriving in town the man saw the depot; loaded it on his wagon and started for the ranch.

On his way back he met a man in uniform with the word “agent” on his cap.

“Hold on,” cried the official. “What have you got on that wagon?”

“My boss’ chicken coop,” was the reply.

“Chicken coop be blowed,” exclaimed the official. “That’s the Great Northern depot.”

--Jim Goodwin, in “The Krupp Signal.”

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