Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bacon Siphon Construction Railroad

There was a short-lived construction railroad in the Columbia Basin that few have ever heard of. It connected with no others. It ran for a short distance. Most of it was underground.

This railroad was used by the Bureau of Reclamation to construct what would be called the Bacon Siphon Tunnel.
The name "Bacon" comes from the NP station on the Adrian Cut-off of the same name.

The Bureau needed to get water from the Equalizing Reservoir at Coulee City through a coulee at the top of the lower Grand Coulee. So, they built this tunnel, that would carry water just like a siphon. It was built to railroad sizes, and the first tunnel was completed in the late 1940s.

A second tunnel was completed in the 1970s. Here is how the original tunnel looks today in the off season.


Unknown said...

The last photo.. looks like a square opening to the tunnel. Does it turn into a round tube once you enter, or does it remain square like the opening?

Just a curious mind that would like to know! Thanks!

SDP45 said...

Round like a railroad tunnel is, on the top.


Unknown said...

Yes it's a round tube.