Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Difference of Decades Soap Lake Depot

Here we have the Soap Lake depot. Not sure of the date, but lets say it was long ago.

The current view shows, nothing. The Soap Lake depot burned down in 1945, and was replaced with a shed. No known date for the shed's removal.


Unknown said...

Grave yards if Grant County is my interest.
Tiflis, Smyrna,Corfu,Baku,Gloyd Seeps, Warden. Got anything for me?
Thank you. I lived in Schawana,was Dr. Ruby's also interested in Grave Robbery Chief Moses.his burial shirt went Portland Exp 1905-6 and then New Zealand thank you.especially like the then and now photos .

SDP45 said...

That kind of opens a new can of worms! There are so many. There was a Swedish or Danish somewhere, Mold, Highland. I can think of a few others but don't know the names. One is along US 2 east of Douglas by a mile or two.