Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 List of Grain Elevators

From the Washington State Department of Agriculture

Licensed from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009

Only listing those in the scope of this blog and if they have or had rail service in the past.

AgVentures NW, LLC
A Odessa
C Odessa
D Odessa
E Odessa
F Irby
G Lamona
H Lauer
I Reiman
J Jantz
K Schoonover
L Packard
M Downs
MM Downs
N Mohler
NN Mohler
P Harrington
PP Harrington
PPP Harrington
Q Harrington
S Rocklyn
T Egypt
U Davenport
W Davenport
X Ephrata
Y Ephrata
Z Ephrata
AR Reardan
BR Reardan
CR Reardan
DR Reardan
ER Eleanor
FR Gravelle
GR Espanola
LR Waukon
LLR Waukon

Almira Farmers Warehouse Co.
# 179
A Almira
B Almira
C N. Almira
D S. Almira
E Govan
F Hanson
G Hartline
K Marlin
L Almira

Central Bean Co.
# 8
A Quincy
B Quincy

Central Washington Grain Growers
A Withrow
B Withrow
C Supplee
D Wilbur
DDD Wilbur
E Waterville
F Waterville
G Douglas
H Alstown
I Mansfield
J Mansfield
K Mansfield
M Almira
N Hanson
O Hartline
P Hartline
Q Hartline
R Hartline
S Coulee City
T Coulee City
TT Coulee City
UC Creston
UG Govan
V Coulee City
Z Krupp

Columbia Bean & Produce
A Wheeler
B Wheeler
C Wheeler
O Wheeler

Crites Seed Inc
A Quincy
B Quincy

Davenport Union Warehouse
A Davenport
B Davenport
C Davenport
D Mondovi
E Mondove
F Omans
I Davenport
L Davenport
M Bluestem
N Bluestem

Eppich Grain Inc.
C Othello

Farmer Bean & Seed
# 450
A Quincy
B Quincy

McKay Seed Company
# 977
A Moses Lake
B Moses Lake

Ritzville Warehouse Co
# 295
F Ralston
G Ralston
I Marcellus
OA Odessa
OE Ruff
OF Ruff
OG Ruff
OH Batum
OI Moody
U Edwall
UU Edwall
UUU Edwall

Union Elevator & Warehouse Co.
E Pizarro
F Schrag
H Schrag
J Bauer
N Bruce

Wilson Creek Union Grain & Trading Co.
A Wilson Creek
B Stratford
C Wilson Creek
D Wilson Creek
E Wye Station

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