Monday, December 22, 2008

1890 Account of a Train Wreck on the CW

From "Lincoln County A Lasting Legacy."

Early in January 1890, Lincoln County and all of eastern Washington were assaulted by the worst snow storm in its early history. Settlers were without communication with the outside world for more than a week. Railroads were blockaded and many passengers on trains were snowbound in different towns along the Washington Central. The severity of the storm was blamed for the substantial loss of livestock.

A serious train accident on January 8 between Almira and Wilbur was attributed to the weather. The railroad track had been blocked with snow for a considerable period and a train had left Wilbur to clear the tracks. Consisting of two locomotives and three cars, the train encountered an 8 foot cut packed with solidly drifted snow. This caused both engines to jump the track, rolling over and fatally injuring the engineer and fireman.

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