Monday, March 23, 2009

US Construction Railroad Tunnel

From the “Spokane Chronicle.”

August 3, 1935

It isn’t a long railroad tunnel, but its construction was “plenty tough,” because of the solid granite mountain through which the hole was driven. In the immediate foreground is the railroad right-of-way and tunnel, soon to be put in use by the MWAK company in the transportation of supplies to the Grand Coulee dam project. This trackage is part of the government railroad down the Grand Coulee from Odair, a point on the main line of the Northern Pacific. Above the railroad bridge are seen some of the homes in which reclamation bureau engineers are now living. The two tall towers support the big cable that is carrying cement for the highway bridge being built by the government. Across the river is seen part of Mason City. On the hill back of Mason City can be seen the deposit from which all gravel will be taken for the Grand Coulee high dam foundation. Pouring of concrete for the foundation is scheduled to start about September 1.

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