Sunday, April 26, 2009

1973 Inspection Trip of the Milwaukee Road

Notes from a Milwaukee Road inspection trip in August 1973. These were generated when executives of the Burlington Northern were inspecting the Milwaukee during a time when the Milwaukee wanted to be included in the BN merger, which had been closed 3 years earlier. The Milwaukee petitioned the Interstate Commerce Commission to reopen the merger.

The following is the areas of interest to this blog.

Moses Lake

The Moses Lake Port District is actively attempting to attract new industries to their facility, which is the former Larson Air Force Base at Moses Lake and is served exclusively by the Milwaukee Road. To date they have not attracted any major accounts; however, they are embarked upon a very extensive campaign and we are hopeful that this will result in a major development that will be mutually beneficial to Moses Lake and our railroad.


This area has enjoyed a very substantial growth in food processing plants. Major developments of importance have been the location of the American Potato Company’s dried potato plant at McDonald and the continued expansion of Chef Reddy Foods at Othello.

Royal City

The Milwaukee Road Land Company has an industrial park area located at Royal City which is in the development stages. Several small industries have located in this park and our Industrial Development people and Sales Department are continually working with various parties to attract new industry to this industrial park.

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