Saturday, January 30, 2010

Handling Bulk Cement

From " The Reclamation Era."
June 1936

Cement for the present contract, which included 4 1/2 million cubic yards of concrete, is obtained from five cement mills located within the State of Washington, is brought in in bulk, and stored in eight 5,000-barrel steel silos along the tracks of the US Construction Railroad which connects with the Northern Pacific Railway line at Odair, near Coulee City. In addition to the eight storage silos are two 5,000-barrel silos for storing the blended product from the several mills. Unloading from box cars is accomplished by four Fuller-Kinyon pumps. Transportation to the mixing plants is through an 11-inch steel pipe supplied by Fluxo cement pumps with a capacity of 1,000 barrels per hour. The pipe line running to the west side mixing plant is 2,000 feet in length while the line to the east side is 6,000 feet long. Approximately 6,000 barrels of bulk cement is unloaded  daily under the present operation of the one mixing plant.

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