Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Locomotives for WCRC

From "Northwest Railfan."

August 1991

Washington Central is now using ex-Chicago & Northwestern GP7 #4492 for their warden-Wheeler job (Moses Lake Air Base and Schrag as needed) during the day. The same unit is providing the power for the Warden to Connell turn to interchange with the BN in the late evening. the unit is still in CNW paint, lettered for WCRC. The unit was built in June 1952 as CNW #1577 and was rebuilt by CNW in Ocotber 1978.

WCRC's Warden-Othello job is now making a daytime Bruce turn before going to Othello and Royal City. Switching at Bruce was previously done by the Warden-Connell job at night. SW1200 #211 has been providing the power lately.

Photo of said locomotive as the CNW 4492.
Photo of said locomotive after its WCRC career was over.

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