Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Light Story From the Post-War Era

From “Reclamation Era.”

December 1948

Six of One . . .

About 40 years ago a homesteader on the present Columbia Basin project of Central Washington, where rainfall averages 6 inches per year, was sitting on the shady side of his homestead shack one hot June afternoon when an old car stopped in front of his desert home. The driver needed water for the radiator and inquired if the homesteader could furnish the necessary aqua pura. The forlorn dry farmer led the tourist to a barrel, took off the lid and said, "Help yourself."

"Where do you get this water?" the tourist inquired.

"From the railroad siding 5 miles away," replied the settler.

"Why don't you dig a well?" asked the tourist.

"Oh, it's the same distance and harder work," explained the farmer.

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