Monday, February 15, 2010

CW Branch Operations

From "Northwest Railfan."

December 1992

BN's CW Local (Yardley-Coulee City, WA) has been running for the last several months as a regular assignment, replacing the as-needed schedule. The CW is on duty between 15:00 and 19:00 Tuesdays with 2-6 four-axle geeps at Yardley (Spokane). The train switches the flour mill at Cheney and then proceeds down the 14th Sub to Coulee City arriving there about 8-10 hours later. Wednesdays the CW is on duty on crew's rest (8 hours) at Coulee City, doing necessary work along the 14th Sub back to Cheney where the flour mill is switched. The CW will usually leave grain traffic on the CW main at Cheney and then run to Yardley.

Thursdays the CW makes a Cheney Turn then runs to Fairchild and out the Geiger Field spur that extends 4.7 miles from the main at Fairchild to switch a steel fabrication business, then back to Yardley to tie up. Friday and Saturday is a repeat of the Tuesday and Wednesday trip to Coulee City. The CW works to Cheney or Fairchild if needed on Sunday. Monday is the regular day off.

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