Friday, February 19, 2010

Milwaukee Road Right-of-Way Dispute

From "Northwest Railfan."

February 1994

Several landowners adjacent to the former Milwaukee Road mainline in Eastern Washington (now known as the John Wayne Trail), have won a court decision which gives them ownership of the right-of-way. The state had purchased the right-of-way from the Milwaukee Road trustees for use as a trail from Easton to the Idaho border. However, when the Milwaukee Road was built, easement deeds were acquired from the landowners for the operation of the railroad.

When the Milwaukee ceased using the property for a railroad, the easements ceased and the property reverted to the present landowners. The court ruling effects 20 miles of right-of-way in Adams and Whitman County, leaving several holes in the John Wayne trail.

The former Milwaukee Road concrete arch bridges at Rosalia, WA have had wood and wire mesh railings added to both sides of the spans. The bridges are part of the John Wayne Trail system.

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