Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extracts From the NP Field Engineer's Notes-Davenport to Spokane

Courtesy of Aaron Shwarz

Washington 13

This valuation section extends eastward from Davenport towards Spokane. Only 16.2 miles of track have been laid, the balance being considered as abandoned property. The country is easy rolling and flat. Maximum grade 1%; maximum curvature 8 degrees. Grading was completed from Spokane to Davenport in 1888 and 1889; from Ditmar east the track has been removed. A portion of the track near the City of Spokane is also still in place. A fair highway is adjacent to the section its entire length. The construction period would be eight or nine months. A portion of the line in the City of Spokane has been leased to the O.W.R.& N.

Account 3--Grading

Classified material consists of hard basalt rock and a stiff sandy clay hardpan. The general classification is light; very little riprap required and embankment not affected by wind. Clearing consists of light growths of willows and brush.

Account 8--Ties

All treated ties are creosoted. Bridge ties are untreated.

Non-Carrier Property

In Spokane there are 1113 feet of track and grading on Mile 3 near the lower crossing of the Spokane River. This does not make any physical connection with any operated road and has not been operated for 10 years. Probable that carrier does not remove the material because they desire to hold their rights along the bank of the river.

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