Saturday, May 29, 2010

NP Doodlebug on the CW

From the "Spokane Chronicle."
January 29, 1954

Spokane city drivers who think January snows are giving them a hard time are sissies compared with the Northern Pacific railroad's "bug" which runs between Spokane and Coulee City. The little train is shown as it arrived in Spokane after Wednesday's run through snow deeper than fence tops. Conductor Sam Miller, with 44 years' service, is breathing a sigh of relief as he picks up his bags and starts for home. Engineer Harry Perkins is in the cab making  a last-minute check before he too relaxes for the night.


Robert in Port Townsend said...

Great story! I bet the passengers were glad when it was over, too!

Anonymous said...

There's a picture of it in 1957, sitting in a mothball yard, for sale on ebay today!