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Adrian AFEs

This is a summary to the "Applications For Expenditures" (AFE) files which were project files for all purchases, construction or removal of facilities or equipment from Great Northern property. These files sometimes contain correspondence, invoices, blueprints and other project information, and often contain insight into events or changes in a specific area at a point in time.

As a summary, it does give a look into the changes made over the years.

From the GN-NP Archives.

1898 Extend passing track 590 feet
1899 Construct section house
1899 Extend passing track to 3000 feet with crossover
1900 Place privy at Jap house
1901 Construct sheep shearing pen
1901 Construct spur track 2190 feet at gravel pit
1901 Take out culvert
1901 Install culvert
1901 Construct track to gravel pit
1901 Construct sheep shearing pen
1903 Construct new yard, change channel of Crab Creek, build 30x60 depot with living rooms and cinder platforms and double water closet—two miles east.
1903 Install culvert
1904 Remove station facilities.
1904 Construct platform
1904 Install track scale
1906 Construct wye track
1907 Construct public crossing
1909 Install mail crane
1909 Construct culvert for Adrian Irrigation Company
1909 Passing track
1909 Remove crossover track at east end of yard
1910 Construct public crossing for Grant County
1910 Install ROW fence 3 miles east for Grant Thompson
1911 Install 4770 foot ROW fence 2 miles east of Adrian
1911 Install 4420 foot ROW fence 2 miles east of Adrian
1912 Install private road crossing mp 1591
1913 Bank widening from Adrian to Columbia River
1913 Remove track scale and move to Sapperton BC.
1914 Since scale has been removed, crossover between main and passing track not needed.
1914 Replace signals
1914 Install train order signal
1915 Replace switch stand rods
1916 Move baggage truck from Milan
1916 Install steel at bridge 343.1
1916 Install public crossing
1916 Move outhouse
1918 One iron wire Leavenworth to Adrian
1920 Complete work subsequent to federal control on AFE 12350 which provides for relaying present 60# TO 68# (secondhand when laid) with second hand 90# rail in passing track and industry track, switches, by relaying 276 foot passing track with 90# rail turnout to #1 track relaying 88 feet with 90# rail and 14 feet with 85# rail in connection to Washington Central Railway.
1920 Relaying present 60# rail with second hand 90# rail, in passing track and in industry track switches.
1920 Move mail crane
1920 Purchase land for gravel pit
1921 Relocate 16x24 bunkhouse with 10x11 leanto and 4x5 privy to Quincy
1921 Replace switchboard
1921 Bunk houses to Ephrata and Malaga
1921 Stratford to Adrian: Relay with 85# rail
1922 Relay 2946 track feet of 60# rail, second hand when laid, with second hand 77 1/2# rail, replace two #7 turnouts with #9 turnout, and place tieplates on turnouts of #2 yard track.
1923 Strip Adrian pit
1923 Purchase safe for agent
1923 Move baggage truck from Milan to Adrian
1924 Account adjustment for pit
1925 Electric lights in depot
1925 Remove wye
1926 Baggage truck to Marlin
1928 Replace 100# passing track switches with 110# material and 1 85# industry track switch with 90# material
1928 Install car body building
1928 Replace mail crane
1929 Adrian to Soap Lake: Relay four turn outs with 110# material including the relaying of the main line at the intersection O switches replacing 100# material
1930 Purchase NP ROW and extend passing track
1931 Remove furniture & equipment from depot
1931 Electric lights in section house
1931 Remove east end of house track
1931 Remove train order signal
1932 Construct public crossing
1932 Repair flood damage Mohler to Adrian
1936 Retire depot
1937 Retire car body
1938 Dig well
1938 Remove meter and telephones
1939 Dig well at section house
1941 Remove industry track
1941 Install ROW fence
1942 Rewire section house
1943 Fill pipe culvert no. 1600.55.
1943 Replace bridge no. 331.1 near Irby, replace bridge 332.2 with pipe culvert, widen channel between bridges 331.1 and 332.2. Place riprap at bridge no. 269, fill pipe culvert no. 1600.55 near Adrian.
1945 Telephone to Spokane
1945 Deep well pump for section house
1947 Construct temporary private crossing
1947 Remove pole line temporarily
1948 Construct shoofly track
1950 Pipe laterals for Bureau of Reclamation
1950 Install derails
1951 Abandon gravel pit
1954 Retire station facilities
1969 Prepare grade for side track

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